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AviationEU Group training operations are conducted by AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services (formerly Eurowings ATS),  established in Athens in March 2014 which took over pilot training services existing at the time and also developed new ones. Building on the previous experience and new resources deployed as part of the implementation of an investment plan, AviationEU Training Systems & Services has expanded company activities which today include training content creation and delivery, training software and other related products and systems sourced from third parties as well as consulting and IT services in support of their application.

Training Content Creation & Delivery

Training content creation and content delivery services form a major part of AviationEU Training Systems & Services operations.There is a high flexibility of selection from available content on the basis of the scope, needs, available study time and financial resources related to a training project. Today, content is offered:

a) for ab initio theoretical knowledge pilot training (also known as ground school) leading to the European Light Aircraft and Private Pilot Licenses for airplanes (LAPL and PPL) in accordance with European (EASA PART FCL). All 9 subjects listed below are currently covered by the respective courses.

- Air law and ATC Procedures,
- Human Performance,
- Meteorology,
- Communications,
- Principles of Flight,
- Operational Procedures,
- Flight Performance and Planning,
- Aircraft General Knowledge,
- Navigation

as well as 

b) for the development of skills to address different issues of operations of companies and organisations in the aviation but also in other sectors. This content is offered in the form of Intensified Foundation Courses in the following topics while others may be added in the future:

- Fundamentals of Safety Management,
- Introduction to Safety Management System (SMS) Development in an Aviation Organisation,
- Introduction to Certification of EASA Approved Pilot Training Organisations,
- Introduction to Licensing of Air Carriers,
- Business Planning for Air Carriers,
- Introduction to Aviation Quality Systems,
- Process Modelling and Management in Aviation Industry

AviationEU Training Systems & Services can undertake the roles of the content creator (analysing,designing and developing the required content), training service provider (content delivery) or both, depending on customer and project needs. In the first case, the training content (usually structured in courses) is supplied to the customers for use through their own delivery infrastructure. In the second case, the training courses, including their respective progress monitoring tests and course completion examinations (whenever needed), are delivered on behalf of the customer to customer employees or other content end users through our own web content delivery platforms.

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AviationEU eLearning Platform

The approach to training content delivery, adopted by AviationEU Training Systems and Services and successfully used in the past is that of of an Internet (web) based Learning Management System (LMS). LMS enables content creation, storage, organisation and delivery, monitoring of trainees' participation and progress, assessment of their performance and interaction of all involved in the training process. Moodle LMS, has been used for the new upgraded AviationEU eLearning Platform operated by AviationEU Training Systems and Services to provide content delivery services on behalf of the customers as well as those directly by the company.. Moodle LMS is an an open source LMS supporting learning/training services provided by schools, enterprises, government and others worldwide. Moodle main features include support for online learning, security, privacy, customization, versatility and affordable scalability. The migration of existing, the addition of new training content and testing of the new platform are currently in progress and operation will start shortly.

Supplies & Other Services

As part of a Total Training Solutions philosophy, AviationEU Training Systems & Services co-operates with reputable manufacturers and suppliers of training materials, products and systems worldwide to offer customers cost effective options for training software, visual aids, devices and systems or other supplies needed for their training activities. Respective orders for these supplies are fullfiled by AviationEU Training Systems & Services either through the AviationEU Web Platfom for Supplies or as part of specific projects combining often training content and/or consulting and IT services, whenever needed.

Training content creation, delivery, supplies and consulting/IT services can be provided to the customer independently without any limitations or restrictions. Although their successful integration is vital for the final outcome, the selection of different suppliers best fullfiling the respective training needs always remains with the customer. For this reason, our offers clearly state the relevant works and costs.

For more information please visit AviationEU Training Systems & Services Web Site (www.aviationeu.training). 

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