AviationEU Group currently includes the following two legal entities which operate with their respective company and distinctive titles (trademarks):

AviationEU Supplies & Services Logo

AviationEU Supplies & Services (formerly Eurowings Aviation and Consulting Ltd.)

Founded in July 2000 in Athens,Greece.
Legal Form: Limited Liability Company
Share Capital: 120.000 EUR
Head Office: Athens, Greece
Greek Business Registry (ΓΕΜΗ) Number: 3873901000

This company is the oldest and the leading member of the Group in terms of our Group turnover. Over the years the company has developed a wide range of services addressing respective needs of Greek and foreign customers, from Aviation Training and Time Building to Flying Holidays, Aerial Photography, Supplies and Technical Assistance, Consulting and I.T. services.

Today, the supplies of aviation and industrial products and technical support services for aircraft,engine and propeller maintenance/ overhauls form the main activity the company. With an extensive network of suppliers and forwarders worlwide, an orientation and thorough knowledge on exports and the operation a full fledged E-Commerce Platform (ecommerce.aviationeu.supplies), AviationEU Supplies & Services is able to satisfy customer sourcing needs for a wide range of products from screws, bolts and nuts to aircraft engines and propellers, avionics, metal and composite materials and specialized instruments and equipment. In addition, the clients can benefit from company's significant expertise in consulting services and I.T. systems responding to their needs in different fields.

Current company activities include: Aviation and Industrial Supplies, Aircraft Sales, Technical Support for Aircraft Maintenance/Engine-Propeller Overhauls,  I.T. and Consulting Services.

For additional information please visit the web site of AVIATIONEU Supplies & Services (www.aviationeu.supplies).

AviationEU Training Systems & Services Logo

AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services (formerly Eurowings Aviation Training Services, (Eurowings ATS)

Founded in March 2014 in Athens, Greece.
Legal Form: Single Member Private Company
Share Capital: 40.000 EUR
Head Office: Athens, Greece
Greek Business Registry (ΓΕΜΗ) Number: 129409601000

The company was founded to gradually take over theoretical knowledge instruction and flight training services of Eurowings Aviation and Consulting Ltd. for JAR FCL1 Private Pilot License (PPL(A) - SE(A) Class) and Night Qualification VFR but also to develop new services in aviation and other fields. Exploiting the previous expertise of Eurowings Aviation and Consulting Ltd. operating as a Registered Facility GR-RF-015) since 2006 and resources deployed from the successful completion of an investment plan, AviationEU Training Systems & Services provides today a range of services for theoretical knowledge pilot training and the development of skills demanded in the aviation and other industries.

Current company activities include: Ab Initio Pilot Theoretical Knowledge Training , Foundation Courses, Training Software, Supplies, Consulting and I.T. Services.

For additional information please visit the web site of AviationEU Training Systems & Services (www.aviationeu.training).

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