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AVIATIONEU Supplies & Services operates AVIATIONEU.SUPPLIES, a Web Platform for Aviation & Industrial Supplies supporting placement and processing of orders in Greece, the European Union and third (non EU) countries. This platform currently provides product information and reference prices for an extensive range of products and services to our customers from an extensive list of over 300 co-operating suppliers while new products/services are continuously added. Product/Service orders currently served indicatively cover:

Aircraft Acquisition
Aircraft Parts
Aircraft Engines and Propellers
Avionics, Engine and Flight Instruments
Automotive Supplies 
Electric Motors and Parts
Electric,Electronic and Electro-mechanical Supplies
Emergency Equipment
Flight Simulation Systems & other Pilot Training Devices
General Aviation and Pilot Supplies
Imaging and Vision Systems
Industrial Supplies
Metal and Composite Materials
Modelling Products (Engines,Propellers and Parts)
Sensors,Gyroscopes,Accelerometers and Measuring Systems

Although general information on this platform and our suppliers is open to the public, access to the content of offered products/services is restricted to Registered Users only. Key characteristics of this service and benefits from the use of AVIATIONEU.SUPPLIES include:
Our priority in corporate clients and their sourcing needs,
Our significant knowledge on exports,
Our long standing co-operation and trading arrangements with an extensive list of suppliers offering a wide range of products and services,
Personal user accounts for accessing our platform’s content,
Detailed product information, documentation and reference prices available to clients in support of their decision making,
Technical assistance for any additional information prior to ordering, 
Competitive prices and quantity discounts, 
Electronic order placement and progress monitoring, 
Flexible shipping solutions,
Account Statements showing order values, payments and balances.

For products not listed in this Catalog we encourage customers to visit frequently our platform as new products are continuously entered or contact us thrrough the platform or by email ( for any further information and quotation.